Saturday, 31 March 2007

Go Sens Go...

Remember what I said about how good the crowd at the Leafs game was..well, the crowd at the Sens game was far superior! Six minutes before the game started the noise level was so loud we couldn't hear each other talk. It was awesome...except for the end result...the Senators got up over the Canadiens: 5 - 2.

Sean, Emily, Me, Dave, and Doug (see photo below) all attended the game together...and it was a great time. The seats were excellent and it was Emily's first NHL game - I think she might be hooked. The first game of the trip where the Canadian anthem was the only one sung, the crowd cheered on and on and the guy singing was awesome. I think playoff hockey has finally begun.

My arrival in Ottawa was a great relief for me! I was really looking forward to seeing Emily and Sean (and getting out of the Rav) to spend some time relaxing/watching their new tv/getting over my cold. I had a really great time with them - we spent an afternoon wandering around the city and had great Thai meal. Sean treated me to some of his lasagna and I have to say it rivals Moms!

Some photos around Ottawa:

The night of the game we all enjoyed a great bbq with Doug and Karla. You might remember Doug from such great blogs as "Welcome to Blue Land" and "Fang Fingers". He's a big Sens fan and had the jersey waiting for me to try on...not a chance! The weather has been fantastic since I got back into Canada so it was an afternoon in the backyard chasing (and being chased by) the kids.

Doug, Karla, Taylor, Liam, Holly, Me, Seth, Dave, Emly and Sean at the pre-game bbq:

Seth and I - check out that awesome jersey:

Cad arrived in Ottawa bright and early on Saturday to finish off the trip with me. We're planning to head to see Uey ("The Heart and Soul of the Napanee Raiders"), Annette, Hannah and Cal in Napanee for a couple of nights. Last game coming up and soon I'll have to rejoin reality!


Anonymous said...

Be good cad.

Anonymous said...

Looking good on TV tonight.
The first thing I noticed was the tavern....then the teapot. That was a relief.
Have a safe trip home. :)
Cad's Mom