Sunday, 11 March 2007

This is Hockeytown...

Oh why can't a home team win when I attend? Dang, that was the fifth loss in a row for the home teams. I was attributing to ladies being bad luck but I've got no excuse now. The Red Wings lost to the Bruins, 6 - 3. It was bad, real bad! I think everyone there was expecting the result to be completely opposite.

Joe Louis Arena = awesome. The history and love of hockey in Detroit was evident everywhere - from the info plaques in the concourse, to the retired numbers of some of the best hockey players ever, to the old lady sitting beside me that knew more about hockey than I did, to the 9 Stanley Cup banners that hung from the rafters.

From Buffalo, I re-entered Canada and headed to Sarnia to stay with Darryl, Allyson, Matthew and Maeve - Darryl was the only one who wasn't sick! Darryl and some friends had some had tickets to the game but unfortunately, Darryl caught the bug and was out of commission to attend the game on Sunday.

Darryl and Matthew:

Not to worry, Allyson was kind enough to lend us her car, so Anthony, Gary, Mike and I headed to Detroit to catch the game. We left in plenty of time but the damn border crossing took over an hour and we missed the opening faceoff, as well as 3 goals and a fight! Dang!

From Sarina I headed back to London to spend a few days with Donna and Pat and to see Steve, Kim, Luke and Jack. It was great to spend some time with relatives that I haven't seen in awhile.

Steve, Kim, Luke and Jack:

Pat, Donna, Luke:

I was also lucky enough to spend some time with Joe and Joy (and be treated to a damn good rack of lamb followed by a birthday cake!!).

Joy and Joe:

Well, hopefully the Moore's are healthly again and I can consider myself lucky I didn't catch it as well. I'm off to my next game in St. Paul and will be taking the long way, through Northern Michigan and Wisconsin - Art was really impressed when I told him I was going to add some additional kilometres onto the Rav!


Anonymous said...

i knew you were the bad luck charm. perhaps you should root for the äway" team.....jeez, imagine Greggs, Vikki, or I being the bad luck.

Heather B

*ps-did you use my birthday line to get the cake? betcha ya did! Hurry and get home already!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mac,
It was great to see you.
Everyone is on the mend...glad you didn't catch anything...have a great tour through northern travels my friend.